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My name is Marcus Brummett and I have been a licensed health insurance consultant since 2006.  Since that day, I have worked with thousands of people trying to solve their Medicare health insurance related problems.  If you have reached this page then there is a good chance you or a loved one is currently looking for someone who can help you through the obstacle course that Medicare often presents.

I am a Chattanooga TN native, but I serve citizens all over Tennessee and Georgia.  My #1 goal is to help those in need by educating them and empowering them to make wise choices.  I am aware of the difficulty and stress that can come when entering Medicare with limited knowledge of its ins and outs.  Medicare Supplement Plans in Chattanooga with most companies are the same throughout the state.  I am contracted to assist people with Medicare Advantage Plans in Chattanooga and across each city in Tennessee. There are many choices for both Advantage Plans and Supplemental ( Medigap ) plans, and based on those choices you may need to enroll into a Medicare Part D plan.  Medicare Part D in Chattanooga has 24 different private insurance plans for 2017, and it is the same for most places in Tennessee. Georgia has 23.

Informing my clients is my top priority.  It’s important to save money, but in order to experience the peace of mind insurance is able to provide, you must understand what your purchasing, why you are purchasing it, and exactly how it works down the road.  This is the mindset I bring to every conversation.  So, whether you are seeking help for Medicare Insurance in Chattanooga or across Tennessee and Georgia, I am able to answer your questions and assist in finding the best plan for you.


Marcus A. Brummett

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Chattanooga, TN